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The Nocona Maids and Matrons February 26th meeting was held at the Nocona First United Methodist Church. The hostesses were Jean Yager and Ann Nelson. The decorations were patriotic. The quote for the day was "Love is a game that two can play and both win", by Eva Gabor. Frances Waters presented a book review of Flowers are for Love. The book was a compilation of stories, poems, quotes and proverbs about flowers by people who love flowers. Under business news, it was agreed upon to make a donation in memory of Faris Nowell, husband of member Penny Nowell, to the Nocona Public Library. Also discussed was the recent award given to Frances Waters, she was this year’s recipient of the Nocona Masonic Lodge Community Builders Award. It is the highest award given to a non-Mason for outstanding community service and achievement. Congratulations Frances! Members present were Jean Yager, Doris Rose Crenshaw, Joyce Seay, Loretta Boyd, Ann, Nelson, Paula Woods, Frances Waters, Billie Cook, AlaMae Bailey, Betty Gerhard, Betty Brazier, Clarice Whiteside, Jeannine Fitts, Lynn Prugal and Suzanne Storey. The next meeting will be held March 12th at the home of Loretta Boyd. For more information about Nocona Maids and Matrons Club, please visit

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